D-platform is a decentralized multi ecosystem service platform,

dedicated to building a new decentralized world, Use blockchain technology

to completely subvert all centralized businesses, so that users are not bound by centralization,To be free as never before.



Dedicated professional、Extremely safe、Advanced world

Freedom solves privacy and security problems through decentralization and encryption technology, which is the basis of developing secret chat and social privacy.


Account full chain pass encryption system


Leading point-to-point encryption communication technology of blockchain


The most advanced social management mode of blockchain


Security and privacy of Freedom system platform


Freedom information storage and collection


Blockchain message channel with large capacity


Security features of six communication protocols

Account full chain pass encryption system

Freedom supports global mobile number and email mode. Receive authentication verification code.

Freedom supports the setting of avatars and nicknames.

Freedom can be added by scanning QR code, entering mobile phone number (or email), and inviting contacts.

Freedom account supports platform wide login, that is, encrypted account registration.

Leading point-to-point encryption communication technology of blockchain

Freedom uses the end-to-end military IP protocol for encryption.

Freedom does not leave a trace on the centralized server.

Freedom's post reading burn timer mechanism. Private messages are not allowed to be forwarded.

One click to call a friend's phone in the address book is as convenient as Facebook.

The most advanced social management mode of blockchain

New members of Freedom can see the complete message record.

Messages deleted by Freedom will disappear from all devices.

Freedom administrators can top important messages.

The creator can set an open link for the group.

Groups can be set to different categories. Users can filter according to the categories and search for popular categories.

Blockchain message channel

Freedom has functions similar to public address. It can broadcast messages, notifications, check the number of people who read messages, etc.

Freedom can choose to create private or public channels.

Freedom's public channel can be set to be found by search, and anyone can join their open source community and view open source public information.

Freedom information storage and collection

Freedom has the most advanced cloud storage technology in the world, which can save the forwarded messages to the favorites for encrypted storage.

Freedom supports accessing this chat from any device, and can quickly find things by using the search function.

Freedom support can view the latest voice call records through the latest call records.

Security and privacy of Freedom system platform

The blacklist function of Freedom. People who are added to the blacklist will not be able to send you messages or add you to the group.

Freedom can set the last online time, which can be visible to everyone or friends, or not disclosed.

With the encryption group function of Freedom, you can precisely limit who can invite you to join the group and channel.

DP-BI ecology

Value sharing, Ecological co-construction,Platform sharing

BI ecology is a blockchain asset trading platform, providing safe, transparent and efficient blockchain asset trading services and multiple ecological industry construction for global users, and building a global blockchain autonomous digital asset trading platform.


Dp-ipfs decentralized interstellar file system coupling block chain, using IPFs file transfer protocol to build a distributed file storage network, users can store files on the IPFs network, its storage mode is distributed. IPFs removes redundant storage from the whole network, which will greatly save network storage space, so the future IPFs storage will become very cheap. Because all access will be distributed to different nodes, it has the ability to resist DDoS attacks, making the network more secure and data more secure.

Dp-ipfs has the following characteristics of decentralized interstellar file system security network storage:

1. Permanent, decentralized storage and sharing of files

2. Peer to peer hypermedia, P2P saves all kinds of data.

3. Versioning, traceable document modification history, GI version control technology.

4. The content is addressable, and the file is identified by generating a unique hash value from the file content.


The cornerstone of next generation communication protocol, the most advanced secure network storage

DP-IPFS(D-Platform Inter Planetary File System),D-platform decentralized interstellar file system is a global, point-to-point decentralized distributed encryption file system.

At present, the Internet adopts the centralized network of HTTP protocol, which will be extremely dependent on the central node in terms of access, storage, security and privacy. Dp-ipfs can help the world wide web to achieve decentralization, making changes in page addressing, access efficiency, data storage, privacy protection and data transaction.

Dp-ipfs has the quality of becoming an Internet subsystem, which can complete or even replace HTTP through reasonable configuration. IPFs can also solve the security problems that have plagued HTTP for a long time. Content addressing and content signature technology can protect the website based on IPFs and eliminate the possibility of DDoS attack. IPFs can also archive important public records to avoid the loss caused by the termination of the website.

Once decentralized through IPFs, Internet access will be faster and more bandwidth resources will be saved. It will play a more and more important role in network security, data redundancy and privacy protection.



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